B2B Website Visitor Intel

Identify Which B2B Companies Are Visiting Your Website

What if we could give you the contact details of people who are visiting your website but not filling out forms? Turn anonymous website visitors into targeted leads. Fuel your ABM strategy with accounts that are in-market and already researching your solutions.

Accurate B2B Marketing Data

Discover Your Next Opportunity with Launched

Our unmatched IP address matching technology ensures you receive the most accurate and actionable data, so you can connect with high-intent prospects at just the right moment.

By revealing the corporate and individual identities of your previously anonymous website visitors, you can focus on the accounts most likely to convert, enhance your inbound personalisation, and close deals faster. 

Marketing ROI

Turn Ad Spend into ROI Growth

Waste less advertising budget by focusing on an audience that is not only looking for your service or product, but has also been actively researching your website or browsing your landing page.

Track account website behaviour, then save them to an audience list and set up a retargeted nurture campaign so you can maximise your returns.

Personalised Marketing Campaigns

Target More Effectively with Hyper-Personalisation at Scale

Through detailed analysis of visitor behaviour and interests, you can personalise the buying experience at every stage, increasing engagement and improving conversion rates.

Our platform ensures that your marketing efforts are precisely aligned with target account interests and challenges, maximising the impact of your campaigns.

Unlimited Cross-Domain Tracking

Track Website Visitors Across All Your Websites and Landing Pages

Seeing who visited your main website is one thing, but seeing who visited all of your websites and landing pages can really change the game.

Our unmatched IP address matching technology ensures you receive the most accurate and actionable data, so you can connect with high-intent prospects at just the right moment. Our AI-powered software captures the contact information for the key decision-makers who visit each of your sites and pages.

CRM, Slack and Email Notifications

Get Instant Insights and React Quickly to Opportunities

Launched seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM systems, providing real-time alerts and updates about visitor activities straight to your CRM platform, Slack channels, and email. This immediate insight allows your sales team to act quickly, enhancing customer relationships and increasing the chances of upselling and cross-selling.

Decision Maker Identification & Targeting

Find Out Which Key Decision Makers You Should Be Talking To

Not all visitors are created equal. While understanding your overall website traffic is valuable, true conversion power comes from identifying the key stakeholders hiding within those numbers. Discover individual’s names, seniority level, LinkedIn profiles, emails, when they first and last saw your website, and more! By going beyond company data and pinpointing the specific individuals driving decisions, you can tailor your outreach a lot more effectively.

How Can You Convert Website Visitors into Customers?


Identify which B2B companies have been visiting your website.

Install our website tracking script to start identifying the B2B companies that are visiting your website every day.


Build paid ad campaigns that will turn your browsers to buyers.

Create a retargeted programmatic ad campaign to advertise to those decision-makers with our Reach module. Then, analyse the results with our in-depth metrics.


Identify which key decision-makers you should be talking to.

Use the People tab of the Monitor module to discover the relevant stakeholders from companies that are browsing your website.


Create targeted content syndication campaigns.

Drive more traffic and increase your conversion rate on the Engagement module so you get as many eyes as possible on your content.

Multi-Channel Nurture to Your Website Visitors

Turn Browsers into Buyers by Saving Audiences

People who visit your website are showing high purchase intent, and are the best people to be targeting with your marketing campaigns. Save the companies and people that are actively engaging with your website but not filling out any forms into either new or existing audience lists. Then, create multi-channel organic and paid marketing campaigns that will help you convert browsers into buyers.

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