Engage and Convert

A campaign designed to generate guaranteed leads multiple leads at single or multiple lead levels.


Types of leads have significant impact on the success of the campaigns.

Lead classificationis determined by capturing user engagements, online behaviour and information. Choose the right lead type for your campaign such as Full-BANT, Part-BANT or content syndication.


Target exactly who you want to target.

See geographics, lead breakdowns, lead reviews, and tailored reports in your dashboard.

98% mobile phone number accuracy

Cut down on wasted time by dialing incorrect or inactive numbers and spend more time having conversations. We provide you with the validated emails and phone numbers that have been verified to make sure they are accurate and they will connect you with the right person.

Stop guessing when it comes to creating pipelines, developing leads, and keeping customers.

Our powerful analytics give you insights into how your campaigns are performing so you can make data-driven decisions so you can interact with customers in a personalized way from their initial response to post-sale follow up.

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Layer Channels

Lead users down the funnel to conversion by layering channels to align with their customer journey.


Drill into performance data with multi-channel tracking and insights.

Optimize for effectiveness

Test hundreds of variants against your campaigns, then optimize for effectiveness.

Additional Features

Accept or reject leads.

You control the leads you decide to keep that meet your criteria and sales strategy.

Focused targeting and suppression list.

Target only the appropriate leads, or select the one’s not to target.

Forecasting results and live campaign results.

See the campaign results as you build it, and track once it’s live.


Supercharge your workflow and connect
the tool you use every day.

Where building campaigns
guarantees conversions.

Imagine how much more you could achieve if your reps worked with accurate, phone-verified
mobile phone numbers and had a conversation every time they pick up the phone.
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