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For PR companies and content teams wanting to easily publish content

Core Features

– Publish long-form 900+ word content

– Editorial calendar

– Media-rich content editor

– Add backlinks to content

– Embed video into articles

– Boost with banners


Enabling Sales and Marketing with Demand Generation tools, inbound leads, advanced reporting

All Features
of Publishing and

– Fast campaign deployment using our campaign builder

– Lead type selection (Content Syndication, BANT, Webinar)

– Inbound leads on a cost-per-lead basis and only pay for the leads you accept

– Work with our content team to create custom content campaigns

– Advanced detailed reports

– CRM and tool integrations


To always know what your ideal customer is looking for, when they are looking for it and how intently they are looking

All Features
of Campaign and

– The highest quality intent data available

– 12,000+ B2B search taxonomy topics

– ABM list matching

– Build custom ICP reports and save the data as an audience

– Global demographic and firmographic B2B filters

– 27.1B monthly content consumption events

– 5,000+ sites in data Co-op

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