The Multi-Channel ABM Platform

Nurture Key Decision Makers and Build a Predictable Pipeline

Get high quality leads from your target accounts via
intent-based targeting campaigns. Be where your
prospects are already searching, when they’re ready to buy.

multi-channel ABM platform

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B2B Quality Lead Generation and Intent Data

Close Deals Faster With Nurtured Leads That Turn Into Sales Qualified Opportunities

Stop wasting valuable marketing budget on generating cold, inaccurate leads. Help your sales team come prepared to the conversation with intent data that gives you insight into who’s most likely to convert and when.

Gain a deeper understanding of where your lead is in the marketing funnel. Then, personalise your user’s experience with data-driven content, and automate multi-channel campaigns that nurture them efficiently.

"The partnership has brought us not only immediate clients and sales but has also given us a selection of clients that are interested in other products and services we provide. An immediate ROI is great, but a returning customer is invaluable!"
Federica Paccagnella
Marketing Lead @ Ampito
multi-channel ABM platform

ABM Content Syndication and ABM Advertising

Amplify your Voice and Reach the Perfect Audience

Accelerate your company’s thought leadership by streamlining content syndication and programmatic advertising. Imagine your meticulously crafted content reaching your ideal audience across relevant websites and publications.

Leverage AI to identify high-traffic platforms that align with your target demographic. Integrate programmatic advertising so that your content is in front of the right eyes, at the right time.

"Working with the team at Launched has brought us fresh well qualified leads which are at the right stage of their buying journey with real projects, and as a result we have seen valuable conversion into sales pipeline with a hungry sales team eager for more."
Emma Dennard
VP Northern Europe @ OVHCloud

Integrated Marketing Tools

Ditch the Juggling Act: Streamline your Marketing

A big frustration marketers have is flipping between too many marketing tools throughout the day. This leads to inefficient workflows and MarTech fatigue–not fully using your tech because of how complex it is.

Launched seamlessly integrates your toolkit, saving you time spent managing a scattered tech stack. Imagine streamlining lead capture, crafting personalised campaigns, and analysing results–all within one intuitive platform.

multi-channel ABM platform

Marketing ROI

Forget the Guesswork, See Tangible Results

Marketing ROI can often be quite mysterious. Shed light on previously opaque data with clear attribution and real-time analytics. Pinpoint exactly where your budget is generating results, so you can optimise your campaigns in real-time and maximise your budget spend.

Showcase the undeniable value the marketing department adds to your organisation with data-driven insights. Feel confident when you’re making business decisions based on solid evidence.

Cost per Lead Model

We're Democratising Access to Top-Tier MarTech

MarTech is proven to be an important part of a business’s marketing strategy. But…we know it’s not always affordable. We work with enterprise giants as well as startups, but our sweet spot is small to medium sized businesses that can get the most out of our feature-rich yet budget-friendly solutions.

We are your new inbound lead machine on a cost per lead basis, so you only pay for the leads you choose. Prioritise building your campaigns, without having to worry about going over budget because of your ABM platform price.

For sales and marketing professionals
by sales and marketing professionals.


Take the First Step Towards More Streamlined, Intelligent Marketing.

So What Does Our ABM Platform Include?


Where building campaigns
guarantees conversions.

Make decisions based on data, not on gut-feelings. Our powerful analytics give you insight into how your campaigns are doing, and enable you to personalise your customers’ experiences from the first time they fill out a form to post-sale follow up.

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Reach your ideal audience.

Easily publish your newsworthy content on our tech publication, and get your stories guaranteed views. Your content is on hundreds of millions of people’s news feeds, at the click of a button.

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Nurture the right ABM accounts and key decision makers.

Stop guessing about who’s interested in your product or service. Imagine knowing who is actively researching your industry or specific solutions. We help you uncover real-time buying signals through intent data. Target key stakeholders when they’re ready to buy.

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Identify which B2B companies are visiting your website.

Turn anonymous website visitors into targeted leads. Fuel your ABM strategy with accounts that are in-market and already researching your solutions. Save your website visitors as leads by adding them to an audience and then nurture them with multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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Seamless Integrations + Powerful Partnerships

Power your Marketing Ecosystem with Industry Standards

  • Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs): Plug and play with your existing marketing automation platforms to enrich your lead profiles with valuable intent data.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): By unifying intent data with your CRM, your sales team can prioritise high-intent leads and personalise their outreach.
  • Quality, reliable intent data: We partner with Bombora to deliver you with powerful and accurate intent data. Be confident that the data is sourced from reputable publishers and complies with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

"Launched, and specifically our customer experience manager, have helped us level up or programs from pure MQL generation to use more and more of the variety of support they provide, thus becoming more strategic in our lead generation and awareness programs. Their platform as well as their team are great to work with, give us awareness for free, help us gaining insights, deliver the type, quality, and quantity of leads we are aiming for. The structured way of working, our regular calls and perfect communication in between is taking over both, responsibility and some of the effort of managing our projects. They act as an extension of our marketing team and are highly valued for their knowledge, consultative approach, and strong flexibility.”
Evelyn Hochholzer
Senior Strategic Marketing Manager @ Wind River

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