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Target your ideal customer profile with precision, and when they are ready to buy

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We know it is hard knowing who to speak to, when to speak to them, and even what to say! Now, imagine only speaking to inbound leads, or knowing that your content is being seen by your ideal customer profile, every time.

This is what Launched, does. It is a powerful demand generation platform. That targets your ideal customer profile, and gets them all interested and excited to speak with you. Then when they are ready, turn them into a lead for you to engage with.

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"Working with the team at Launched has brought us fresh well qualified leads which are at the right stage of their buying journey with real projects, and as a result we have seen valuable conversion into sales pipeline with a hungry sales team eager for more"
Emma Dennard
VP Northern Europe, OVHCloud

Convert more leads into customers
with a single click.

Launched can help your business generate leads and increase sales using AI. It provides real-time data on campaign performance, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions and increase their conversion rates.


Turn your words into a lifetime ROI.

By publishing your articles on our platform, you’re guaranteed evergreen content. With people still being able to see your articles and press releases in 10+ years time. Why not boost your SEO with backlinks? See our new Boosted Content features.

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For sales and marketing professionals
by sales and marketing professionals.

The only platform you need to grow your business

Be relevant to what your
future customer already wants.

Launched is the perfect solution for sales and marketing teams
who need to create intent-based audiences, campaigns and publish
their press releases in minutes.


Build campaigns the way you want them, at your own pace.

The fastest and easiest way to create and launch conversion-optimized lead generation campaigns that guarantees conversions everytime.


We use advanced techniques such as market analytics, research, profiling, intent surging, and AI tracking to identify your opportunities.


We create a strong process that increases the likelihood of more people buying from you, resulting in increased profits.


By using intent data, you can focus on the most promising leads, save time, and increase the likelihood of closing deals with the same amount of sales effort.


Use our submission function to create well-structured articles that are likely to be published and shared.

"The partnership has brought us not only immediate clients and sales but has also given us a selection of clients that are interested in other products and services we provide. An immediate ROI is great, but a returning customer in invaluable!"
Federica Paccagnella
Marketing Lead, Ampito

Find out who's looking for your product

Using AI through content consumption, we determine who is actively research you, or your products and use that insight to increase conversion rate of your market and sales activity by targeting people who are actively researching a challenge closely related to your business.

Global Decision Maker Audience

Our engaged audience of 2.5 million have told us through forms and other marketing activity that they hold decision maker power or have an active role throughout the decision making process for thier business.

B2B Intent Data Insights

Using intent data to discover and market or sell to people who have the highest chances of having a budget and requirement for your brand and service or product.

Nurtured and Engaged Prospects

Our audience is nurtured daily through our family of publications in order to ensure data accuracy and to maximize the traction of your campaigns.


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